Jul 222015

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Thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Sears – Heroes at Home program plus volunteer help from the Kearney United Methodist Church and our Safe at Home Volunteers, a veteran’s family now has a much better home in which to live!  The veteran’s wife suffers from a severe disabling condition, and it had been months since she had taken a shower.  Their plumbing problems were so bad that their toilet, tub, sinks, and washer were all just dumping waste into the crawl space.  Further, a large tree was rubbing their roof, gutters were falling off the fascia, and the front porch was deteriorating and sagging.
This partnership between Sears and RTCC has successfully resolved every one of those problem areas and more.  The family now has a brand new accessible bathroom and shower, and all of the plumbing needs are fixed.  Here is what the family said in response:
“Dear Sears and the Heroes at Home Program,
We will be eternally grateful that you so graciously approved us for assistance.  Rebuilding Together Clay County and all of the volunteers involved did a wondrous job of creating a beautiful, handicap accessible bathroom. The attention to detail was amazing! The generosity of Sears was overwhelming, and we thank you so much. Your caring and involvement in the lives of our returned service personnel goes far beyond being merely patriotic. Sears is the epitome of a community-minded organization who is truly “paying it forward.”

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