Aug 252016

Our Project Managers Ed and Marty finished up a Safe at Home project this week for a sharp 100 year old woman in the Northland! A new set of low rise steps were installed that are ideal for those who use walkers, to get both your feet and walker on the step at the same time.

Fischel Before and After 1

A low rise step was also added inside.

Fischel Before and After 3

Ed and Marty added a grab bar above the step to help the transition between the stair lift and main floor.

Fischel Before and After 2

Only positive words from this lively 100 year old. “Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my steps and the extra step on the landing to go downstairs. Really made things easier for me! That was the first thing I looked at this morning, making sure it wasn’t just a dream. You are a couple of very nice guys to be around. Enjoyed your work and you even cleaned up after you finished. Thank you so much.”


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