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What We Do

What We Do

Rebuilding Together understands the importance of a safe and healthy home for everyone. The ability to remain in the home is often determined by the health and accessibility of the home.  Our program, Safe at Home, provides safety modifications for homeowners who want to improve accessibility, reduce falls, and increase independence in the home.  Safe at Home is a program of Rebuilding Together Kansas Inc., a renowned nonprofit organization that has modified thousands of homes across the nation.  Please see our catalog below for a sample of the types of repairs we do to help everyone stay safe and healthy in their home.

Grab Bars

  • Provides a stable, reliable hand hold
  • Non-slip grip available for wet areas


Grab Bars


  • Reduces falls by providing steady balance
  • Two rails eliminates both hands on single bar and “sideways stepping”

Hand Held Showers

  • Increases bathing safety, independence and comfort while sitting or standing
  • Can be hooked to grab bar for sturdy height adjustments
Handheld showers

Tub Transfer Benches

  • Reduces falls and provides comfort
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Textured plastic seat & back for nonslip grip
  • Sliding transfer benches assist with transfers from wheelchairs or walkers to the bathtub
Tub Transfer Benches

Toilet Riser Seats

  • Adds height to shorter toilets, making it much easier to sit down and get up
  • Provides safety and independence
  • Inexpensive option and easily moved
Toilet Riser Seats

Clamp-On Tub Rails

  • Gives stability when getting in and out
    of tub
  • Quick install and fits most standard tubs
  • Easy grip and rust proof
Clamp-on tub rails

Offset Door Hinges

  • Adds up to 2 inches to doorways,
    allowing barrier-free access for some wheelchairs and walkers
  • Installs using the same holes and screws of existing hinges
  • An easier and less expensive way to broaden doorways
Offset Door Hinges

Vertical Rails

  • Helpful for sitting and standing
  • Expansion fits floor to ceiling for sturdiness and reliability
  • Promotes safe and independent movement
  • The horizontal grab bar provides 8 locking
  • The bar will lock if released, reducing the risk of
    forward fall
Vertical Rails

Comfort Height Toilets

  • Easier to sit and stand than standard model toilet
  • 16”-18” tall as opposed to standard 15”, excluding toilet seat
Comfort Height Toilets

Brighter Lighting

  • A well-lit home helps prevent falls
  • Seeing clearly helps maintain balance and avoid obstacles
  • Replace brighter light bulbs with soft light bulbs makes a difference
  • Illuminated light switches and cover plates act as a nightlight, is more convenient and safer after dark
Brighter Lighting

Tub Cut-Outs

  • Easy step access for bathing
  • Installation completed on existing tub
  • More cost-effective than tearing out the existing tub
  • The optional model has removable door that locks in place to maintain use as a traditional tub
Tub cut outs

Adjustable Threshold Ramps

  • Allows easier access to entrances
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Adjustable feet customize fit for up to 6” with doorways that swing in or out
Adjustable Threshold ramp

Low-Rise Steps

  • Treads are much longer and risers are much shorter than traditional steps
  • Allows feet to be on the same step as
    a walker
Low Rise Steps

Repair/Replace Flooring

  • Deteriorated and rotten flooring can
    create a tripping hazard and cause falls
Repair-Replace Flooring

Stair/Deck/Railing Repairs

  • Easier to sit and stand than standard model toilet
  • 16”-18” tall as opposed to standard 15”, excluding toilet seat
Stair-Deck-Railing Repairs


  • Completely customized to the home (following code guidelines)
  • Reduces falls with railings on both sides
  • Built to last with weatherproof materials

Bump Dots

  • Used to mark everyday items for easy identification by touch
  • Ideal for those with a visual impairment
Bump Dots

Smoke & CO Detectors

  • Installation of detectors to increase fire and carbon monoxide safety
Smoke Detectors

Meet the generous sponsors of our 20th Annual Bags for Rebuilding Day! We appreciate their wonderful support and encourage you in return, to support these organizations.

McClelland Law Firm

Fairview Christian Church

REMAX Area Real Estate

NEBO Baptist Church

Liberty Area Ministerial Alliance

Liberty & Northland Plumbing

Home Builders Charitable Foundation

The Coopers of RE/MAX

The Simmons Sales Team

MOJO Heating and Cooling

Hampton Plumbing

Handy Homes

Gladstone Economic Betterment Council

Gladstone Neighbors Helping Neighbors