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Rebuilding Day 2021

2021 Rebuilding Day Web Graphic

Until September 18, 2021!

Rebuilding Day is our annual flagship event, a one-day home repair blitz with hundreds of volunteers and our Rebuilding Together Kansas City staff. If you lead an organization or crew, we ask you to register your group and participate as a Crew Leader. If you're an individual looking to make a huge impact on your neighbors in Kansas City, please register as a Volunteer. We need help from Crew Leaders and Volunteers!

Important Dates for Rebuilding Day 2021

House Selection Meeting

What It Is: Crew Leaders and Rebuilding Together Kansas City staff meet virtually to select the houses to be repaired on Rebuilding Day. This is when Crew Leaders make their selections for their respective crews. And Crew Leaders learn valuable information on how to create a positive Rebuilding Day experience for their volunteers and for the homeowners they serve.

When: July 15, 2021 7:00PM

Where: Virtual through Zoom (email to register for this meeting!)

Get Prepared:

  1. Register for the Virtual House Selection Meeting by emailing
  2. After your registration is completed, a list of Project Sites with addresses will be sent to you by RTKC staff
  3. After your house is chosen, you will receive contact information for the homeowner in order to begin the Rebuilding Day preparation process

Home Visit

What It Is: Now that Crew Leaders have chosen a house for repairs, a home visit is necessary to meet the homeowner and assess repair needs.

When: July 21, 2021 - August 15, 2021

Send RTKC Crew Information and Pre-Project Details

What It Is: After the home visit is complete, Crew Leaders are asked to complete a Pre-Project Details Worksheet ahead of the Crew Leader Meeting. RTKC is also requesting crew information by this date. RTKC needs to know if your project will require lead paint and asbestos testing.

When: August 15, 2021

Get Prepared:

  1. Please complete the Crew Information and Pre-Project Details Worksheet
    1. PDF Form
    2. Online Form

Crew Leader Meeting

What It Is: A meeting with Rebuilding Together Kansas City staff and Crew Leaders to finalize project budgets, discuss any special arrangements and permitting requirements, network resources, t-shirt orders and answer any remaining questions.

When: August 19, 2021 7:00PM

Send RTKC List of Intended Repairs and Project Budget Worksheet

What It Is: Crew Leaders complete the form below detailing a simple list of the home repairs they will be doing for the homeowner. During a second home visit, we ask Crew Leaders to have the form signed by the homeowner (that's why this form must be printed and the hard copy signed!).

When: August 31, 2021 RTKC must have the completed and signed form by this date

Get Prepared:

  1. List of Intended Repairs, Homeowner Agreement Form (this form must be printed and hand-signed by the homeowner)
  2. Please complete the Project Budget Worksheet to estimate costs.

Rebuilding Day 2021

What It Is: This is the big day we've been waiting for! We deploy hundreds of our Crew Leaders, Volunteers and staff across our communities to transform the homes of senior citizens, low-income families, the physically challenged and veterans.

When: September 18, 2021

Get Prepared:

  1. Checklist of items to bring for Rebuilding Day
  2. Schedule for Rebuilding Day

Submit Final Project Statistics

What It Is: At RTKC, we collect important information to report to our funders the impact their donations have made. We need your help as Crew Leaders in this important task! Please complete the form below to help us properly record and retain data that is required for grant compliance and future funding requests.

When: Within two weeks of project completion

Get Prepared:

  1. Please complete the Final Project Statistics Form