Sep 302017

A Challenge from RTKC Fund Development Director, Stacie Bratcher.

We are exactly one-week away from our annual Rebuilding Day BLITZ! Next Saturday, October 7, 400 volunteers will join together to make repairs to 25 homes across Clay County.

We are very excited about this event, but it got me to thinking…

How many of us take for granted our ability to make our own homes Safe & Healthy?

On any given day we might change a light bulb, plunge a toilet, tighten a screw, clean the lint trap, or pick up tripping hazards. Why? Because it’s important to keep our families safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, not all of our neighbors share this same ability.  Rebuilding Together Kansas City envisions a safe and healthy home for every person.  Will you help us accomplish this?

I challenge our staff members, our supporters – and YOU – to take the Safe & Healthy Home Challenge! Here’s how:

What: The Safe & Healthy Home Challenge

Who: Anyone who believes it is important to have a safe and healthy home

Where: Your own home

When: Oct 1-6, 2017


    1. Record a fun, short video of yourself in continuous footage. First, announce your acceptance of the Safe & Healthy Home challenge, followed by performing a simple home repair, safety or maintenance task. Then nominate 2-3 other people to participate in the challenge.
    2. Post your video to Facebook with the following text:
      • “We all have so much to do to keep our homes safe and healthy…what if you couldn’t? Who would you call on? Where would you turn? @RebuildingTogetherKC strives to eliminate unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for disadvantaged families. Because a Safe & Healthy Home is important to me, I’m donating to @RebuildingTogetherKC to transform the homes and lives of my neighbors in need. I challenge (insert friends names here) to do the same.”
    3. Make a donation to RTKC to assist in improving the lives of your neighbors and loved ones by making their homes safe, warm, affordable, livable, and accessible. Your donation will make a world of difference. We promise you.

    4. Thanks for joining us for the Safe & Healthy Home Challenge!

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